Silicon Based Activator

Avisil is a revolutionary new silicon based super spreading and activating agent. Being Non Ionic, it can be mixed with a broad spectrum of agrochemicals, nutrients and Organic Products. This product is based on Trisiloxame Alkoxylate and has a very high Silicon purity, thereby contributing to extremely fast action and very low dosage.


  •   Avisil ensures a quick and enhanced super spreading of the spray solution on leaf surface and fast penetration through the cuticular layer of leaf for rapid uptake.
  •   By using Avisil, the wastage of spray solution due to wind or rain is avoided which leads to higher efficacy of the agrochemical /nutrient / organic products.
  •   It enhances the blending of the spray solution to water by the virtue of its unique long chain T shaped structure.


Prepare the required spray solution as per recommended dosage. Fill the spray tank upto 90% add the required dosage of Avisil and mix well. top up the tank with clean water


use bond in the quantity of 0.5 ml per Liter of water. Or this can be used as 5 ml in per knapsack spray pump.


A Wetting & Dispersing Agent

This is an ionic base wetting, dispersing, penetrating and sticking agent and can be used with any insecticide, fungicide, herbicide & bio-fertilizer.


It has an excellent wetting property, penetrating, quick drying, uniform distribution and sticking power. It gives best results with insecticides, fungicide, herbicide & it saves few spray also.


As per the crop requirements mix 2 to 3 ml of Vetal in one liter of water and make solution. Shake well before the application.
For Agricultural use only, Store Cool & Dry Place.