Humic Acid - 12 %

Avimic contains Humic acid, which is derived from decomposed organic matter. It also contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc and other micronutrients.

Avimic enhance germination by Stimulating respiration, which leads to better shoot and root growth in seedings. Avimic can be broadly grouped to Humic group and Fulvic group which are two most important products of microbial degradation of plant.


Humic Acid 12% Emulsifier and other additives : QS to 100%


For Soil Application : It can be used to soil by mixing with other fertilizers at the rate of 1 liter per acre or mix 1 liter of Avimic in 200 liters of water and spray on soil of one acre.

For Foliar Spray : Mix 1 Liter of Avimic in 350 Litres of water and spray on plants or dissolve 4-5 ml of Avimic per Litre of water and spray on plants.
For Seed Treatment : Mix 15 ml of Avimic in 1 liter of water and soak the seeds in this solution for one hour before sowing.
For Urea Coating : Mix 500 ml of Avimic in 100 kg of Urea and used to field after 3 hours, when the urea granules becomes brown in colour.


  •   Enhances water holding capacity.
  •   Increases drought resistance in crops.
  •   Stop leaching of plant nutrients, acts as chelating agent.
  •   For Agricultural use only. Store in Cool & Dry Place.


Mixture of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids & Potash in natural available form

It improves soil condition and increase availability of nutrients in soil. Increase soil aeration & water holding capacity. Retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in root zones & release them to plant when needed. Promotes the conversion of elements into available form to plants. Stimulates root growth & proliferation of desirable soil micro organisms and is one of the most used plant growth regulator in Bhopal (MP).

Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, Increase translocation of nutrients in plant body. Improves nutrients uptake by root system. Increase yield & Improves quality of fruits.


Foliar Application : 7 gm per 15 liter of water in any crop. In combination with every foliar fertilizers or pesticide Application.

Drip Irrigation : 250 gm - 400 gm per acre for Banana, Sugarcane, Papaya & other Fruit trees. 150 gm -250 gm per acre of Vegetables, Flowers, Cottons, Potatoes etc.

Drenching : 250 gm per 200 liter. of water for fruit & other crop.

Root Dipping : 20 gm per 20 liter water for root dipping solution.


GibberelLic acid 0.001% L


Chemical Composition of Gibberelic acid a.i.(Based on Purity 100% w/w) – 0.001% w/w, Protein (Hydrolised) – 2.5% w/w, Yeast extract Seaweeds (Marina Brown Algae Extract) 3.0% w/w, Feso4 7H2O (Min 95%) 2.3% w/w, MnSo4 3H2O (Min 90%) 1.4%w/w, ZnSo4 7H2O (Min 95%) 3.9% w/w, MgSO2 7H2O (Min 90%) 4.3% w/w, EMULSIFIER Tween 80 (Sorbital mono Oleate) 1.0 %w/w, Solvent (Water) Q.S.% w/w, Total 100% w/w


AVIZYME is a highly effective plant growth regulator containing Gibberellic acid 0.001% as active ingredient it improves the physiological efficiency of the crop by stimulating the hormonal and enzymatic activity and increase the yield and quality of the product.

APPLICATION AVIZYME Must be applied on foliar spray at the rate of 1 ml in 1 liter and volume will depend upon the type of spray and stage of crop. It is quite often used in areas near Bhopal (MP).

To obtain maximum efficiency of the product, spraying may be taken up in the cool hours of the morning/evening. In case of rainfall within 6 hours of application, repeat spraying. AVIZYME is compatible with pesticides & is one of the best growth regulator.


Treat symptomatically


Khiladi is a naturally acquired extract in rich combination of unique and highly effective L-Series aminos, vitamins, glutamic acid, alkaloids, Vitamins, proteins, Folic Acide in soluble form.

  •   Khiladi is Bio-Extact plant growth regulator absorbed by leaves and roots of plants.
  •   Increases crop yield significally by reduction flower drop promotes flowering and fruit setting and enhance vegetative growth.
  •   Increases plant resistance to extreme temp, high humidity frost, pest attack, floods and drought.
  •   Improves fruit quality (size, shape,,, weight, color, shine etc.)
  •   Khiladi is purely nature bio product, No. toxic and safe for crop and mammals.


  •   80-100 g. per acre for foliar spray in all crops.
  •   Spray in combination with every foliar fertilizers and pesticides.
  •   Khiladi should not be mixed with alkaline product.
  •   Please read enclosed letter before use.


  •   Avoid inhalation and skin contact.
  •   Wash contaminated skin and clothes.
  •   Do not eat, drink or smoke during application .
  •   Empty packages/containers should be destroyed after use.



Proteinaceous Nitrogen -Proteinaceous Phosphorus 05%, Cellwall extract - 22%, Emulsifier - 05%, Stabilizer - 10%, Solvent - Q.S.

Khiladi is a biologically derived nutritional product developed through multi-stage proprietary technology to combine metabolites, selected marine algae extracts and protein hydrolyzates with complexed/ chelated micronutrients, Khiladi helps to increase yield and crop quality by optimizing plant’s genetic potential, Stimulating plant’s metabolism and by reducing impact of stress on plant production.

Khiladi consists of naturally produced compounds, so at recommended dosage rates, it leaves no harmful residues on plants, soil or the environment.


  •   This Product Promotes the Growth of Plants Rapidly.
  •   This product also advances the Development of Plants and improvises the tillering effect.
  •   It improvises shape and size of fruits and flowers as well as increases the Quality of fruits.
  •   This Product also increases the Resistivity of Plant against Dieses which results as the healthy crop and Plants even in the odd conditions.


Use Khiladi at the rate of 0.5 ml in per Ltr. of water and spray uniformly on plants. First spray should be given within a week after germination, followed by three foliar sprays at pre-flowering, flowering and post-flowering stages to ensure expected results and third spray at fruiting stage. Store in Cool & Dry Place. For Agricultural use only. These products have given rise to organic farming in MP, specially in areas near Bhopal.